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We started seeing the consequences when a few of our speakers and attendees started withdrawing their participation for Nullcon Goa March 2020 conference, due to immediate changes in travel policies!

Without a doubt, the COVID-19 pandemic was the most challenging time that all of us faced and so it stands true for Nullcon as well. It affected our business and our community in completely uncharted territory. As countries went into a lockdown, it became evident that physical distancing was going to have an excessive impact on our sponsors, speakers, and participants. To our knowledge, a recession is always predictable at a certain point in business but to survive during the pandemic—we soon realize that we had to find alternate ways to provide high-quality services in a virtual environment.

If you’ve been a part of Nullcon International Security Conference and Trainings’ you know it is a business idea based upon in-person networking. Therefore, when the government put a ban on social gatherings we immediately lost maximum participation for our scheduled events. Our major concern from the business perspective was, with the immense amount of free online resources available to the audience, will they be willing to contribute monetarily to our events? However, at our core, we believe Nullcon is to help and serve the people. Keeping that in mind, we are immensely grateful to our team who made this quick shift and after multiple online dummy sessions learned seamless virtual environment management along with providing exceptionally rich content.

It was the first time for Nullcon to shift 100% from in-person, hands-on conference and training sessions to move online. But with great opportunities comes equivalent problems, we always provide our community with new and exclusive content that will enhance their knowledge. Thus, we worked with our trainers to modify content in ways that even though it’s online, it’s yet practical and also dodged content being plagiarized. We modified our content to keep it sharp, realizing that people were tiring out and getting distracted easily in this one-dimensional online setting. We highly appreciate our trainers who made this happen within a short deadline with little to no experience.

We changed this lockdown challenge into multiple opportunities to connect with our community via providing free and paid resources such as Webinars, Resume and Career Clinic, Online Winja CTFs and much more. At the same time we were keeping our eyes out for the physical event, we were constantly in touch with our loyal customers belonging to diverse organizations understanding their status, if they were ready for a physical conference or not. We are overly careful about taking the correct steps with arranging our next event which is Nullcon Berlin 2022 in terms of people’s health and making it a safe environment.

A crucial aspect that has stayed common for Nullcon before and during the pandemic, which has been our guiding light, is ‘Always giving out to the Community.’ It is a value that each one of our team members sticks to and that has enabled us to grow into the resilient and exclusive business that we are today.