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Information Security Conferences around the world are important occasions for the networking and knowledge-sharing of thousands of security researchers and practitioners. As we are becoming familiar with a new way of life due to the pandemic, it’s time to make conscious decisions with Nullcon Berlin 2022 when it comes to our environment being affected.

Alongside the opening of physical infosec conferences following proper COVID protocols — Nullcon Berlin encourages its attendees to contribute towards the sustainability of its event. When it comes to public transport it is always less taxing on the environment as compared to private vehicles. Carbon emissions per head are largely reduced since a lot of people can ride the same vehicle.

So, how can you contribute to this cause?
  1. While attending and returning from the event, make a conscious effort to utilize public transport such as trains, trams, and buses. These are crucial services which are economical and which we have been utilizing for our daily commute.
  2. Keeping in mind social distancing, if there is a group of friends/co-workers attending the event together, from the same locality, please ensure to carpool rather than taking individual vehicles. Make sure that there are no more than 2-3 people riding depending on the size of the vehicle.
  3. For the locals, we encourage you to ride a bike or walk the distance if possible.

New to German Public Transport? These links could help you out:

Another way of contributing to the sustainability of Nullcon Berlin 2022 is ensuring proper segregation of waste. One thing that some might overlook is the amount of waste that can be generated in the days prior, during, and after the event. We believe that recycling is possible wherever you are.

As such, our team pledges to work towards a more sustainable and green Nullcon Berlin event this April. Fortunately, today we have many ways in which we can dramatically reduce the amount of waste that ends up being thrown away.

Nullcon encourages:
  1. Reducing the amount of waste going to landfill by:
    • Limiting the number of printed materials – we will continue digital ticketing and communicating the essential information about the event online. We will require health declaration forms to be filled in, signed, and sent digitally;
    • Supplying drinks in containers rather than single-use plastic bottles – with the support of the hotel.
  2. Employing an increased number of reusable signs, banners, flags that can be stored and reused at future editions of Nullcon. We will also urge vendors to donate leftover items.
  3. Recycling with support of NH hotel, there will be designated containers at Nullcon Berlin and we will ask our attendees to carefully separate paper, plastic, glass, aluminium, and biowaste.
  4. Collecting waste from electrical and electronic equipment at the event – we will be open to receiving a large range of small electronic devices such as: computers, tablets, mobile phones, etc. at the end of their life.

By taking the right precautions and measures, a smaller contribution by each and every participant can make a huge difference in the environment during the Nullcon Berlin 5-day event. The key is to start being mindful of our consumption habits and knowing how actions are affecting our ecosystem. To acknowledge and appreciate our participants contributing towards making Nullcon Berlin a Green Conference, we will be Giving Away Exclusive Nullcon 2022 Green Hacker T-shirts for those displaying their contribution towards sustainability of the event by tagging us on social media.