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Even with a pandemic hovering over us, we at Nullcon were determined to find out ways to keep the ball rolling. We are filled with pride to announce that we had a super successful first edition of the Nullcon online training sessions. With the best of trainers and super enthusiastic participants, all of us had something to take back home (while we were at home!).

Here’s a quick sneak-peek into our event:

  • About the trainings
    A series of carefully curated technical workshops with ample hands-on practice during the lab sessions were the highlight of the training session.
    We had 9 trainings running parallel over a period of 4 days, and believe us when we say, the weekend was high on action!
    We had a whopping 150 participants who registered with us for this edition.
  • About the trainers
    Best in the industry! We had experts from their specific domains who had in-depth knowledge about the niche concepts with super-helpful tips and tricks.
  • About the platforms used
    We used Zoom Platforms to conduct the workshops because of the flexibility and the various functionalities that it provides. The breakout rooms specifically were a big plus as the participants managed to get some personal guidance with respect to their problems.
    Along with Zoom, we used Discord for communication. All the participants were added to their respective training channels on the Nullcon Discord server which was open (and is still open) for the entire training duration. The participants could ask all their questions and queries, not necessarily during the training but also during the after-hours and the trainers answered them promptly. It was also helpful for the trainers to share relevant documents or information on the Discord channels.
  • About the format
    Ideally, the training course content could have been completed in two days if we had devoted 8-hours per day. This format could have been feasible if the training was physically conducted. However, keeping in mind that everybody was attending the training out of their homes, without any physical interactions as such, we knew that the digital format would take a toll on the attention span. Thus, we divided the training course content into four days for four hours each. This format was very well received by all the trainers as well as participants as they could finish the training in the first half of the day and they had the second half for themselves.
  • About the Nullcon Team
    Since it was our first edition, we had all the arrangements done well in advance. But we were also prepared to face any unforeseen glitches that could occur. To make sure the ad-hoc stuff was promptly taken care of, we had one member from our team continuously monitoring the trainings and available for support. We also had two members from our team continuously monitoring the Discord server and making sure there are no pending issues and everything is up and running.

Fortunately, because of the well-advanced planning and multiple tests and dry runs, we did not face any technical glitches during the trainings. The experience was as seamless as it could be! All said and done, the real form of validation is the feedback from the trainers and the participants.

We had some constructive feedback from the trainers as well. Here’s what they had to say –

  • Discord is a must for solving technical issues because the attendees can listen to the training while their technical issues are being solved. Mandate that all attendees be on Discord.
  • A pre-requisite call with attendees can be super helpful to check that the training requirement and credentials are in order.
  • A brief bio/profile of attendees should be provided to the trainers beforehand. It helps trainers to map out their training. Some information on the trend and interest of the audience beforehand can help them focus our training and attract more people.

We had wonderful feedback from all our participants about the trainings and the quality of content. Here are some glimpses of what they had to say:

Since all of us are stuck in a lockdown, going virtual has just become the reality. Our mission was to make sure that irrespective of the precarious situation that we all are in, finding out a way to make upskilling available was our way to keep giving back to the community.