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Writing a strong Curriculum Vitae (CV) is a crucial step in your search for the right career, job, internship, but also for other things such as community engagement. For helping you in advancing your career, we have organized the Resume and Career Clinic since the NULLCON Goa 2018, where renowned experts who have a huge amount of combined experience in interviewing, and vetting candidates are ready to put their experiences to work to help you by providing feedback and guidance.

Here is a glimpse of Resume and Career Clinic from NULLCON Goa 2020.

Remember, your CV is your first “marketing tool” that shows the employer who you are, what your achievements are and what goals you have in your career. Since 2018 our experts have helped several people so far and we have observed some general patterns and points that you might consider when designing your CV:

  • Avoid cocktails of security terms
  • Your resume should span between 1-2 pages
  • Present measurable accomplishment if you are more experienced
  • List your community contributions, blogs, personal projects, etc.
  • You are not required to include your parent’s name and your marital status under the personal information section
  • Mention your BugBounty Ranking
  • Present only your last 3-5 years of work history if you are more experienced
  • Present only your education since high school (12th grade) if you are a fresh graduate
  • Align your CV and LinkedIn profile